Hi, I'm Damian

I help startups build technical sales programs that drive revenue.

What I Do

Sales Engineering

From creating technical content to crafting the perfect demo, SE teams are pivotal for growth. I can help you make your first technical sales hire or put the right tools + workflows in place to support an existing team grow your pipeline.

Brand Strategy

The completely misunderstood art + science that helps you connect with people (yes actual humans). I can help you craft your brand messaging and connect with your target audience in a way that is uniquely you.


A cornerstone of any business, cybersecurity can be overwhelming for most startups and small businesses. I can be a security advisor to help you build and execute a security strategy without it becoming a full time job.

Latest Projects

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Cyber Informants

We're on a mission to empower technical sales teams with the superpowers they need to uncover what makes your buyers tick. Check out our in-depth coverage of core cybersecurity topics or level up your technical sales game with our role focused content.

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Cybersecurity for (Digital) Business Owners

An easy to follow, comprehensive guide on cybersecurity for startups and small businesses. Running a business is hard enough - keeping it secure shouldn't also be a full time job. Learn how to protect yourself and your business in this crazy digital first world.

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About Me

Hey there, I’m Damian – Sales Engineer. Community Builder. Security Advisor.

I help B2B startups build technical sales programs that drive revenue. From crafting your unique brand story to laying a solid foundation of content + demos, I have you covered.

I’ve spent over a decade in the tech and security industries working both on the sales and marketing side. I see everyday how industry buzzwords and jargon are tossed around in hopes of driving “leads” and vanity metrics. In a world full of noise and everyone competing for your attention, there has never been a more critical time to connect with people on a human level.

Let me help you find the right words, systems, and people to build a technical sales team that delivers an unforgettable customer experience that continuously provides value.

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